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Robert Ndlovu Blog

July 28, 2008


 In this blog we discuss varied technologies ranging like GSM , 3G , Wi-Fi , LAN , WAN , VoIP and Linux and more.

 The aim is to find relevance in the Zimbabwean context.


Digital Libraries



Proposed programme for Greenstone training – Zimbabwe

Bridging The Digital Divide – Digital Libraries


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“If you can't visit the Web, the Web can be brought to you. “


The challenges that face  ICT development in Africa have to be tackled at the same level at which they occur .The digital divide gap is set to widen even further if we don’t take it upon ourselves to come up with specific solutions for our specific challenges.


Zimbabwe boasts the status of being the most literate country in Africa. But the way things look on the ground nothing suggests our ability to sustain that status from an ICT point of view at least. The world is a global village...

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